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Pregnancy Care Classes Details:

Weekly One sessions Every Tuesday from 10.15 am to 1.15 pm at Tiruppur. Totally 9 sessions will be covered over a period of 9 weeks.

Dialy course will have 1 hour of prenatal exercises and the rest 2 hours of time to learn about a broad range of subjects regarding pregnancy and after birth like labor, breathing techniques for labor, bonding with your unborn, infant care, breastfeeding, etc... It is a comprehensive 27 hours course.

All the sessions will be handled personally by Anu Akka.

Who are eligible for Pregnancy Care Classes ?

Pregnant Mothers from 3+ Months

What Topics are Covered ?

  • Prenatal Exercises
  • Prenatal Stimulation
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Labor Coping Techniques
  • Labor management
  • Postpartum care
  • Infant care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Couples sessions
  • Mom sessions

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