Pre Pregnancy Class

Online Class

Who are eligible to attend ‘Pre-Pregnancy’ Classes?

Couples or Individuals who are planning for a Baby are eligible to attend this class.

What Topics are Covered in the ‘Pre-Pregnancy’ Classes?

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutrition changes
  • SEX
  • Early Pregnancy

What are ‘Pre-Pregnancy’ Classes?

Having a baby is a unique and beautiful experience of the world. Every couple has this beautiful desire in their heart, to conceive, create their bundle of joy and fill their home with happiness. Pre-Pregnancy online class helps every couple to be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to shoulder the responsibility of a child. The PrePregnancy phase is where couple need to make healthy choices so that their bodies and lives are ready for the footfall of tiny steps. There are things that both men and women can do to improve the health of their future children and these online classes helps you with it.

Vriksham aims to provide information on what to do before getting pregnant, help plan for conception and comfortably sail through the first three months of pregnancy. Vriksham Pre-Pregnancy Classes helps to adapt to the lifestyle changes that a couple should follow for a healthy pregnancy. This online class also educates about the early stages of pregnancy to understand the intricacies of pregnancy and childbirth.

What are the benefits of attending these classes?

Babies begin to develop even before women know they are pregnant. Pre pregnancy classes helps couples approach conception and pregnancy in a planned and informed manner. The healthier you and your partner are at the time of conception, the better chance your baby will have better growth! During this PreConception webinar, you will learn about factors that contribute to or hinder your overall pregnancy health and that of your body.

Pre-pregnancy phase can be challenging and confusing for couples trying to conceive. With so much online information, it is natural for couples to develop doubts and confusion concerning facts and myths. Vriksham’s pre-pregnancy class will significantly benefit these couples and help them understand their needs and responsibilities clearly. The pre-pregnancy class is designed in a way that couples can be well-prepared to start the journey of parenthood. These classes help the couple make informed choices during the preconception phase.

Educator: Anupama (Click Here to view more details)