AnuVriksham Foundation aims to ensure the well-being of the underprivileged and needy. We aspire to fill the gaps in the healthcare system by helping mothers to undergo safe motherhood and childbirth experience. We strive to educate the helpless and deserving students and make them self-reliant.

Our fundamental goal is to empower women to acknowledge their abilities and become financially independent. We take the privilege to open up the path for developing and promoting women entrepreneurs.

Our foundation also supports orphaned children and the elderly to meet their daily needs and give them hope to survive.


  • To build a society where fundamental essentials are accessible to everyone
  • To make parenting information available to everyone
  • To give back to society and to create a healthy, educated, and empowered society


  • To strive and provide better living conditions for underprivileged children by helping them meet their basic needs
  • To educate needy women, and help them make informed pregnancy choices
  • To support orphaned children and parents by helping them with basic needs, education, and health support.


Focus Areas

Maternal & Child Healthcare

As per Indian government data, the average Infant Mortality Rate is 32 and the average Maternal Mortality Rate is 113. Underprivileged women and children are the worst affected by a poor healthcare system. A healthy mother is equal to a healthy baby. To ensure women and newborns remain healthy throughout their maternity and childbirth, we must address the basic issues contributing to poor health and hygiene.

We provide free offline Childbirth classes to Pregnant mothers in Primary Health Centers which helps them to gain knowledge about Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery to have a positive birth outcome. We also strive toward improving Maternal & Child Healthcare in various localities and government hospitals by providing them with the required equipment to facilitate antenatal care services. We aim to ensure Underprivileged Pregnant Women and Newborns, gets amenities to improve their health and hygiene.

Breastmilk Donations

A newborn's health and survival rely wholly on breastmilk. WHO recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding. However, "2 of 3 infants are not exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months," states WHO. This rate has not improved for nearly 2 decades. This might be due to various causes. "Mother has No sufficient milk" is the common reason given for it in our country.

We aim to create awareness among the new mothers about the importance of Breastfeeding and its benefits for the mother and child. We are also associated with the “Sanjeevani” Breast Milk donation drive which helps & motivates mothers to donate Breast Milk. The collected breast milk is then donated to Babies in the Government Hospital NICU.

Wellbeing of Orphaned Children and Elderly

Helping the destitute children and elders gives them hope. Lack of access to livelihood resources has been a greater obstacle to their living. Rehabilitation and development of the disadvantaged people help in their self-sustainability.

We also invest in organizations that provide care and support for children and the elderly in need. This enables them to meet their day-to-day needs. We aim to instil confidence and bring a positive attitude towards life of the deprived. We strive to offer them a better chance at receiving the care they deserve. Proper support to those who are in need of care and protection produces self-reliant, resourceful, and responsible individuals.

Promote Budding Women Entrepreneurs

Women, unlike past, are stepping out more and creating a place for themselves. But not all get the support to achieve what they dream of. women are often denied the benefits and opportunities. Given the support they needed women can reach greater heights. Each Woman should motivate and encourage other women to recognize their potential and capability.

We support women entrepreneurs through a campaign called #anukakkagivesback via social media. We help them showcase their profiles and products to the world. This allows them to advance their business in a more significant way. This campaign empowers budding entrepreneurs and improves their visibility.

Education for Underprivileged Students

"A good education is a foundation for a better future". Proper education improves people's understanding of the world around them. The capabilities of children should be identified and encouraged.

We help underprivileged and deserving students who can't afford their studies with their school fee payments. We strive to advance their skills and become even better and more successful. Also, we provide stationaries and essentials required for children’s education needs in orphanages. Quality education helps a child to empower themselves and become independent. It gives a child self-confidence.