Early Pregnancy Class

Online Class

Who are eligible to attend ‘Early Pregnancy’ Classes?

Pregnant Mommies from 1 to 6 Months are eligible to attend this class.

What Topics are Covered in the ‘Early Pregnancy’ Classes?

  • Prenatal Exercises
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Handling Discomforts
  • Do and Don’ts/ Debunking myths
  • Bonding with the Baby (prenatal stimulation)

What are ‘Early Pregnancy’ Classes?

A first-time mommy-to-be is bombarded with a lot of dos and don’ts. Today’s modern world mommies want to go by science-based and factual information. Early Pregnancy ( Prenatal, Antenatal ) Classes aim to debunk age-old myths and provide time-tested and reliable information on labor and childbirth. During Pregnancy, a lot of physical changes take place in a woman’s body. Mood changes, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting are only some of them. A woman who is pregnant with her first child may already be confused and irritated with so many changes taking place in her body. On top of that, not having enough or correct knowledge about how to handle these changes can be even more frustrating. Rather than getting confused in what to do and what not to do, pregnant women can educate themselves through these classes and focus on what matters and what does not.

Vriksham Online Antenatal Class gives information to a soon-to-be mother about which changes are normal, what she can expect, and what is the best way to manage them. This helps her to nurture her child in her complete capacity. The diet to be followed in a pregnancy takes a whole 180 degree turn than what a woman normally eats. Wouldn’t it be great if the expecting mothers get the right advice and guidance regarding the nutritional intake and dietary requirements for a healthy baby and an equally healthier mother? This webinar does just that! These online classes advise the expecting mother about the diet to be followed and the exercise that she must take up during this phase. The online class also covers prenatal Stimulation, Prenatal exercises and tips on how to manage discomforts during pregnancy. Prenatal stimulation reinforces the bond between the child and the mother to be emotionally and mentally prepared to welcome motherhood.

What are the benefits of attending these classes?

The early phase of pregnancy is one of the precarious stages of pregnancy. The early pregnancy webinar covers all the fundamental needs of a new mother who is experiencing her first pregnancy. With the help of this Class, expecting mothers can identify the pregnancy symptoms and handle this phase with knowledge & ease. It helps expecting mothers receive much-needed support, advice, and counselling in a convenient manner. The class aims at helping new and expecting mothers enjoy the invaluable experience of pregnancy and nourish the child to the best of their ability.

The nutrition and diet charts created as part of the class, holistically support the development cycle of the foetus and the new nutritional needs of the expecting mothers who are in their First Trimester and Second Trimester. The class helps pregnant women plan their pregnancy and live through it without much hassle so that they enjoy their pregnancy through its early phases.

Educator: Anupama (Click Here to view more details)