If you are starting to breastfeed you will need two things, a deep knowledge and understanding of feeding and second is the essentials, and one of the things that you will consider buying is nursing bras. Nursing bras are garments used by mothers who are breastfeeding to support their breasts. They differ from regular bras because they come with zippers or clips which can be unlocked to give easy access to the nipples to latch on as well as to breastfeed the baby, while in regular bras you need to remove the entire arm strap to feed. Let’s have a look briefly at their uses and advantages associated with breastfeeding due to wearing it.

In what way are nursing bras helpful?
         Nursing bras are usually made up of soft material such as cotton or lycra and have extra-wide support compared to regular bras therefore it helps in supporting women who have engorged breasts by making their breasts less heavy and less painful. Many nursing bras come with in-built breast pads which prevent the milk from leaking and staining the clothes. Usually, nursing bras don’t come with underwire and they have adjustable back closure and thus prevent any discomfort. And they are usually made up of antimicrobial materials thus avoiding any sort of infection or rashes in the breasts.

In what way does it help with breastfeeding?
         Wearing a nursing bra gives signs when your breast is engorged and ready to feed the baby which in turn prevents the formation of an abscess in the breasts. A study has shown that women who wore nursing bras have less risk of having mastitis (infection of the breast due to blocked ducts) compared to those who use regular bras.

What to consider when choosing a nursing bra?
         There are various kinds of nursing bras available in the market and you might find it overwhelming to choose the right one. The following points below should be kept in mind if you are planning to buy one:

1. Choose a nursing bra that is sweat-proof and made up of soft material so that you can wear them all day instead of changing it two or three times a day.
2. Wear a nursing bra that has extra hooks since at times your breast might get engorged and heavier. If you have extra hooks for the adjustment you will feel more comfortable and lighter.
3. Choose a nursing bra that has stain-proof lining and pads and which are washable so that you don’t get any kind of infection.
4. Wearing a nursing bra that is also pumping friendly and sleep-friendly is important.

         A study has shown that 90 percent of the women preferred using nursing bras compared to regular ones since they felt more comfortable feeding in public with nursing bras than regular ones. But unfortunately, 80 percent of them chose the wrong nursing bra. Choosing a nursing bra depends on the convenience and comfort of a breastfeeding mother and taking advice from a lactation specialist before wearing one is important.