Hello akka,
I would like you to help voice this out. My son is 4.5 months old and he is a light sleeper. The smallest of noises wake him up. But sometimes I even sneeze while holding him & he does not react.

My in-laws don’t understand that each baby is different and they are blaming me for not being effective in the baby’s sleep patterns. He is pretty active and feeds well but he prefers to be held a lot which my in-laws hate because I’m not able to do many kitchen duties and he wants to be with me the maximum. They say that my way of putting him to sleep is wrong and that is why he is not sleeping well, only if he sleeps well nala valarchi irukum (he grows well), he is still very tiny.

The doctors say he has good growth but they are like what do doctors know 😔🙄 we have seen 100 kids in our family, you are a first-time mom you know nothing listen to us, we have raised 2 sons. But isn’t that the point Akka, they have already raised 2 sons & now it’s my turn to raise mine? They can help me but they interfere by blaming me. That breaks my morale.

And today they have decided that we should bring him to the hall and when the TV is on he will learn to sleep. He should get used to it, you can’t keep protecting him like this and getting scared. When all this is said by my mil herself who can’t sleep with the TV switched on,Imagine how 4.5 months old can. I hope I’m not alone in this and not wrong about my son.